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This is truly a wonderful journey and I would recommend this album for anyone looking to enjoy great lyrical content and a wonderful musical journey. This was one of his absolute best and it amazing that he was able to produce such a masterpiece on the heels of what Time Magazine calls the most important album of the 20th century and I agree.

His career which was about to come to an unfortunate and tragic end as his illness would in very short order take him from us. This is a true classic and one that once again affirmed the true genius of Robert Nesta Marley.

May he continue to rest in the peace that he fought so strongly for both for himself and so many others. Verified Purchase Another inspirational collection message of songs by BMW. It is a real good example of Marley the man rallying up the people. I would jump on this one, it is a hidden Marley gem that is flying high, but at the same time it has been under the radar. Several people told me this is their favorite, I know it's mine.

Verified Purchase One of my favorite Bob records. One Drop has always been one of my all time favorites and happy to finally have it on Vinyl. This is Bob and the Wailers penultimate album before his death. Uprising was his last official release whilst alive. This is a political album and Bob's message transcends through every track.

If you study the album art closely there is a diagram of how slaves were stored for their journey on the slave ships which is poignant and drives home the point Bob is making in his songs. Great lyrics, great musicianship and an essential listen.

One person found this helpful2. One person found this helpful5. Verified Purchase what can i say. Verified Purchase This is one of my favourite albums. An absolute must if you are a Bob Marley fan!. Bob at his best. Page 1 of 1 Start overPage 1 of 1 Previous pageNext page Sign inNew customer. Stay informed and spot emerging risks and opportunities with independent global reporting, expert commentary and analysis you can trust.

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