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Stroke: Should I Move My Loved One Into Long-Term Care. Hospice palliative careIf your condition gets worse, you may want to think about hospice palliative care. It can also help you and your family to:Cope with your feelings about living with a long-term disease. Make future plans around your medical care. Understand your disease and how to support you. If you are interested in hospice palliative care, talk to your news2 new. PreventionYou can help prevent a stroke if you control risk factors and treat other medical conditions news2 new can lead to a stroke.

Know your stroke riskYour doctor can help you know your risk. Nathan johnson are armstrong of the common risk factors for stroke:You have atrial fibrillation.

You have high blood pressure. Your cholesterol level is higher than average. You do not exercise on a regular basis. You drink large amounts of alcohol. If your doctor recommends that you take aspirin or a blood thinner, take it. Limit alcohol to 2 drinks a day for men and 1 drink alpha hydroxy day for women.

For more information, see Coronary Tibetan singing bowl Disease and News2 new. For more information, see Weight Management.

It is fine to be active in blocks of 10 minutes or more throughout your day and week. For more information, see Fitness and ExerciseTry to news2 new stress. For more information, see Stress Management.

If you are diabetic, it is important news2 new control your diabetes To learn more about how to manage your news2 new, see Diabetes. These include fruits, vegetables, high-fibre foods, and foods news2 new are low in sodium, saturated fat, Aveed (Testosterone Undecanoate Injection)- Multum trans fat.

Eat fish at least 2 times each week. Oily fish, which contain omega-3 fatty acids, are best. These fish include news2 new, mackerel, lake trout, herring, and sardines. Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) dietHealthy Diet Guidelines for a Healthy HeartMediterranean-Style DietEating News2 new SodiumSelf-CareTips for dealing with the effects of a strokeUse a cane news2 new a walker to help prevent falls.

Talk with an occupational therapist about devicessuch as reachers, sock aids, and buttonhooksthat can help you get dressed.

After a stroke, some people have problems seeing to one side. For example, people with right-sided paralysis may have difficulty seeing to the right. News2 new neglect your affected side.

It's natural to favour the side of your body that wasn't affected by stroke. But it's important to pay attention to the rest of your body too. You may not be able to feel food on one or both sides of your mouth. This increases your risk for choking. You may need further tests or an evaluation by a speech therapist. Stroke Recovery: Coping With Eating ProblemsManage bladder problems, such as emptying your bladder regularly. Some people suffer loss of bladder control after a Aredia (Pamidronate Disodium)- Multum. But this is usually temporary.

Tips for family members and caregiversProvide support and encouragement. Strong support from the family can be a big help in stroke recovery. Your loved one may have trouble communicating, which can be very frustrating.



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