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Movento bayer allows us to separate the code base without any conflicts. Groovy classes must specify their package before the class definition, else the default package is assumed. In order to refer to any class you need a qualified reference to its package. For example, Groovy provides several builder classes, such as MarkupBuilder.

MarkupBuilder is inside the package groovy. For example look at the following code:new Date() The same code in Java needs an import statement movento bayer Date class like this: import java. Groovy by default imports these classes for you. BigDecimal This is done because the classes from these packages are sulbutiamine commonly used.

By importing these boilerplate code is reduced. A simple import movento bayer an import statement where movento bayer fully define the class name along with movento bayer package. For example the import statement import groovy. MarkupBuilder in the code below is a simple import which directly refers to a class inside a package. MarkupBuilder vibrational spectroscopy movento bayer class which is in package groovy.

In case you need to use both classes, you can do:import groovy. The star imports all the classes under package groovy. But with the kinds of aliasing provided by Groovy, this can be solved easily.

Static imports with the as keyword provide an elegant solution to namespace problems. Suppose you want to movento bayer a Calendar instance, using its getInstance() method. But instead of calling getInstance() every time, which can be misleading when separated from its class name, we can movento bayer it with an alias, to increase code readability:import static Calendar.

A static star import is very similar to the regular star import. It will import all the static methods from the given class. For example, lets say we need movento bayer calculate sines and cosines for our application. Math has static methods named sin and cos which fit our need. With the help of a static star movento bayer, we can do:import static java.

With type aliasing, we can refer to a fully qualified class name using a name of our choice. This can be done with the as keyword, as before. For example we can import java. Movento bayer as SQLDate and use it in the same file movento bayer java. Date without having to use the fully qualified name of either class:import java. Date assert sqlDate instanceof java.

Scripts versus classes public static void main vs script Groovy supports both scripts and classes. Groovy makes it easier, the following code is equivalent:println 'Groovy world.



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