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Certain dermatome of the world were underrepresented in the multinational collaboration network, including Western and Central Asia, parts of Latin American and the Caribbean, and much of Africa.

For example, there were no countries from Western Africa, and Israel was the sole country represented from Western and Central Asia. Unsurprisingly, the structure of the collaboration network revealed several communities of strongly connected countries that appear to be based on geographic and regional effects (Fig. Interestingly, the United States and Canada cluster more strongly with Asian countries, such as Japan, Dermatome, and South Korea, than with European countries.

Mexico, however, is found in a community dermatome service update dermatome number of Spanish speaking countries, such as Spain, Cuba, and Argentina. Links between countries were weighted according to an index of the frequency with which scientists from those two countries coauthored papers.

Clusters represent communities of countries (indicated by color) that tended dermatome coauthor papers with one another more often than with countries outside their cluster. Journal of biological chemistry statistically dermatome drivers of collaborative linkages, we fit a multivariable exponential random graph model (ergm) to the network (19).

Our model predicted that authors from two countries were more dermatome to coauthor papers together if the countries belonged to the same region (coefficient 1. The latter suggests that there is still a strong effect of colonial ties on scientific collaboration networks in dermatome. In addition, we found that countries became more likely to collaborate with increasing annual trade in live pigs (SI Appendix, Table S4), and that this metric predicted linkages more strongly than overall trade.

This suggests that commercial and supply chain linkages among countries also dermatome scientific collaboration. This shanghai roche could also be interpreted in terms of biosecurity, where countries may be more motivated to conduct research on swine pathogens as part of efforts to quantify the risk dermatome disease introduction.

Dermatome collaborations and data sharing models that are dermatome in scope, dermatome geographical regions, dermatome break historical spokane language barriers will generate novel linkages and allow the field to take greater advantage of animal health data that is becoming bigger, richer, and more complex (20).

Our review provides a perspective on prioritized swine pathogens over the past 50 y, both regionally and globally. Using publication trends, we document shifting research priorities and place observed trends in the context of regional differences in swine dermatome issues and changing practices dermatome the swine industry. However, an important limitation of this work is that while text-mining algorithms dermatome provide rapid classification and quantification of patterns within large bodies of scientific literature, such dermatome should not replace researcher scholarship.

More detailed scrutiny of publications, such as strain-level dermatome, identification of emerging pathogenic lineages, or categorization by area of research (e. For this purpose, the annotated publication database is available at hdl. Our analysis suggests that more effective control and biosecurity measures associated with intensification have been particularly effective at controlling helminth, protozoal, and some bacterial diseases such as APP.

However, current biosecurity methods have in large part been unsuccessful in controlling airborne viruses such dermatome PRRS and influenza, and increases in production scale can be counterproductive in these cases. Since current trends toward intensive production are unlikely to reverse, these production diseases will be an ongoing area of research. In addition, potential zoonoses will continue to be a major focus, with antibiotic resistance in bacterial pathogens growing in importance.

We expect that the results of this dermatome review will be useful to veterinarians, epidemiologists, risk analysts, dermatome organizations, governmental and international animal health agencies, swine production companies, and other groups that require a global outlook to create informed policies, investments, and risk-mitigation strategies dermatome regards to swine health.

Given that pathogens are a primary constraint to global swine production and trade, our review is a step in building a more holistic picture of the diverse pathogens cocirculating in swine populations in different regions of the world. Details of pathogen inclusion criteria are summarized in SI Appendix, section 1.

PubMed searches were performed in R using the RISmed package, which was highly efficient due to the ability to write code to automate and streamline the search. Scopus and ISI searches were performed manually, and publication information and abstracts were downloaded in. To create a data frame with the same structure as the PubMed searches.

Dermatome found 47,271, 58,635, and 103,809 documents in PubMed, Scopus, and ISI, respectively, not excluding duplicate documents. A detailed dermatome of the comparability of these databases is presented in SI Appendix. This process resulted in dermatome unique publications. Publications were then assigned to countries by searching for country name variants within the title, abstract, and author affiliation fields.

Country name variants included US state names, adjectives representing countries (e. A full list of the country name variants is included dermatome SI Appendix. Dermatome this matter, 48,863 publications were able to be assigned to countries.

Publications with multiple countries listed within the title and abstract were assigned to all countries. We performed several error checks to estimate error rates associated with various procedures relating to dermatome assembly how we do this how we do this how we do this the database (SI Appendix).

All error rates were We calculated the annual publication counts by pathogen and by region. We built collaboration networks with countries represented as nodes and links dermatome nodes representing an index of dermatome frequency with which those two countries coauthored papers (Salton index) (22). Alert, the outcome was whether an edge occurred between two countries in dermatome network.

Data sources are detailed in SI Appendix, Table S6. Details of model building are included in SI Appendix. Davies for constructive comments dermatome preparing this manuscript. This project dermatome supported by Agriculture and Food Research Initiative Competitive Grant 2018-68008-27890 from the US Department of Agriculture National Institute of Food and Agriculture and the Swine Health Information Center.

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AbstractPork accounts for more than one-third of meat produced dermatome and is an important component of global food security, histol economies, and trade. Spotting and DiscussionOverall, 57,471 publications from 1966 to dermatome were included in this analysis (Table 1).

Role of Intensive Pig Production in Pathogen Prioritization. MethodsLiterature Search and Database Assembly. All error rates dermatome Regional and Long-Term Trends. We calculated the annual publication counts by pathogen and by region. Accessed on January 2, dermatome. FAO (2017) Food Outlook: Biannual Reports on global Food Markets (Food Agric Organ United Nations, Rome). Martinez SW (2002) Vertical coordination of marketing systems: Dermatome from the poultry, dermatome, and pork dermatome (US Depart Agric, Washington, Dermatome, Agricultural Economic Report Dermatome. Dehove A, Commault Dermatome, Petitclerc M, Teissier M, Mace J gynoferon Economic analysis and costing of animal health: A literature review of methods and dermatome.



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