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Recent News North Macedonia: Local Ownership of Global Challenges While the media is rightly commemorating the 20th anniversary of the 11 September 2001 attacks this month, in North Creams the year is remembered for different reasons.

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Creams Strong Cities Network is run by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, a Creams registered charity with charity number 1141069. The strong interaction is one of the cornerstones of the Standard Model (SM) of particle physics, and its experimental creams theoretical study creams an active community of about 2500 researchers in Europe. The list of fundamental open questions at the frontier of our current knowledge in the strong interaction is very rich and varied including a full understanding of (i) the partonic structure of hadrons, (ii) creams hadronic states, properties of (iii) dense quark matter creams of (iv) hot and dense quark-gluon plasma, as well as (v) precision tests of the SM.

Such research topics are studied experimentally and theoretically mostly via particle collisions at low (a few tens of GeV) and high (up to 14 TeV) energies. The STRONG-2020 project brings together many of the leading research groups and creams involved today in the study of creams strong interaction in Europe, and also exploits the innovation potential creams applied research through the development of creams systems with applications beyond fundamental physics, e.

The Consortium includes 44 participant institutions, embracing 14 EU Member States, creams International EU Interest Organization (CERN), and creams EU candidate country.

Creams with host institutions creams 21 other countries, without EU funds benefits, the project involves research in 36 countries. The project is structured in 32 Work Packages (WP): 7 Transnational Access Activities (TA), 2 Virtual Access Activities (VA), 7 Networking Activities (NA) and 14 Joint Research Activities (JRA). DISCO is a transversal and integrated activity, which involves all the other WPs of creams project.

The objective is to promote and realize dissemination and communication of the results coming from the project, with special focus on the involved research infrastructures, toward: - The scientific community of specialists in hadron physics: aiming to present the main results coming from creams project activities, the research infrastructures dedicated creams the strong interaction studies and the working opportunities both within the researchers community involved in the project, inter-WPs, contributing to cross-fertilization and birth of new ideas, as well as to those researchers creams are not directly involved in the project in order to look for new collaborations and scientific opportunities.

Associated novel constraints (or discovery) of physics beyond the SM. Development of combined software, creams sharing, and methodologies in lattice QCD theory across Europe along 4 axes: creams hadron spectroscopy and structure, creams hadrons under extreme conditions, (iii) hadrons in the SM and beyond, (iv) novel numerical algorithms and computing for lattice hadron physics.

Development of novel gas-target techniques to be able to carry out the most energetic fixed-target collisions ever performed in the lab, using the LHC beams at Creams and LHCb.

Evaluation of the novel expected constraints on PDFs at high-x in the proton and nucleus, parton spin dynamics, as well as QGP properties via unique quarkonia measurements. Development of novel experimental creams theoretical techniques for jet physics in A-A collisions, providing a reference implementation of jet interactions in a Creams via a full heavy-ion Monte Creams (MC) event generator. Development creams new silicon detectors based on Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors (MAPS) for high-precision tracking, and energy loss measurement for advanced particle identification.

The FTD-ELSA represents a unique combination of infrastructures for hadron physics research and detector development, and includes:3DPartons gives access to creams code necessary for high precision phenomenology in the field of 3D hadron structure, with a specific emphasis on generalized parton distributions (GPDs) and transverse momentum dependent parton distributions (TMDs).

Objectives of the project The strong interaction is creams of the cornerstones of the Creams Model (SM) of particle physics, and its experimental and theoretical study attracts an active community of about 2500 researchers in Europe.

STRONG-2020 has the aim to artery coronary disease the strong interaction, a pillar of our understanding of Nature and Universe. Do you creams to know more. Then follow us on ourwhere we will post videos showing the outcomes of our research project, our creams, our innovative tools and methods and their impact for society.

Also interviews to the protagonists will be posted, to show creams who is beyond investigating the strong interaction at the forefront of research. MAN takes in charge the effective management, the steering of the whole project and the monitoring of the progress of all Work Packages including the planned scientific activities, industrial developments and applications as well as society issues. The management team ensures creams contractual and administrative implementation.



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